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What is a Pillar Mount?

by Sunderamohan Palanisamy 27 Feb 2023
What is a Pillar Mount?

What is a Pillar Mount ?

A pillar mount is a type of TV mount that attaches to a pillar or column, typically in a condominium, apartment, commercial or public setting such as a conference room, lobby, or restaurant. It is designed to securely hold and display a flat-screen TV or monitor, providing an optimal viewing experience for the audience.

Flexibility of Pillar Mounts

Pillar TV mounts can be fixed or adjustable, with some models featuring tilt and swivel functions to allow for customizable viewing angles. They are typically made of sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum, and may come with additional features such as cable management systems to help conceal and organize cables.

Pillar Mount vs Wall Mount

Unlike wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted TV mounts, pillar TV mounts do not require a flat surface or support structure to attach to, making them a popular choice for spaces with unique or unconventional layouts. However, it's important to ensure that the pillar or column is strong enough to support the weight of the TV and the mount, and that the mount is properly installed for maximum safety and stability.

Uses of Pillar Mounts

There are several ways you can use pillar mounts in a condo to improve your living space. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Mount a TV: If you have a pillar or column in your condo that is in a good location for viewing, you can use a pillar TV mount to attach a flat-screen TV or monitor. This can save space compared to using a traditional TV stand or entertainment center.

  2. Hang artwork or mirrors: You can use a pillar mount to attach a piece of artwork, a mirror, or a decorative panel to a pillar in your condo. This can add visual interest to your space and make use of an otherwise unused surface.

  3. Install shelving: If you need extra storage space in your condo, you can use a pillar mount to attach floating shelves to a pillar or column. This can be a great way to store books, decorative objects, or other items.

  4. Hang curtains or room dividers: If you have an open-concept condo, you can use a pillar mount to attach curtains or room dividers to create separate areas or add privacy.

  5. Install lighting: You can use a pillar mount to attach a light fixture or lamp to a pillar in your condo, adding extra illumination to your space.

Overall, pillar mounts can be a versatile solution for adding functionality and style to your condo, as long as they are installed safely and securely.

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