frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

condomounts company:

We invented CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount by putting a tremendous amount of dedication, thought, design, recreation and repeated testing into delivering not just any TV mount...but the very best TV Mount. Just look at all the detailed features on Condomounts and you'll see why there is no other TV mount on the market like Condomounts. We take NO shortcuts in delivering this feature-rich solution. Condomounts is safe, clean, operates flawlessly, is easy for anyone to use. We want our products to bring happiness and the most comfortable TV viewing experience to the whole family. Having a dependable mount that grips tightly to any surface wider than 3 inches comes with very specific requirements, and we tackled all of them with our exhaustive focus on safety, functionality, ease of use and aesthetics. We've also developed several other mounts for pillars to adequately cover a wide variety of installation needs for those who have pillars, columns, post or beams and Gazebos! When you buy a CondoMounts, you're buying not only the ultimate pillar TV Mount but also a proven commodity from a company that truly cares about its customers.
They are referring to the same CondoMounts product. However there are variations as to the size of the pillar and weight the pillar tv mount can support. Condomounts Technology is Patented and the name Trademarked.
When the column mounting adapter is placed on the column, the acute angle on both of the mounting plate creates a balance vertical position on the pillar.
During the COVID lockdowns, the wrong wing nut was shipped to the customer. We have corrected the issue in the end of 2021 and you should not face wing nut issues again. The nuts used will be normal serrated nuts or wing nuts depending on what's best for the application.
Yes! All our mounts have been tested in our lab and we provide information on safety ratings for each product individually. We have assured that the break strength is 4 times the suggested capacity.
Yes Our Gazebo TV mount is weatherproof. The steel used is powder coated to protect from rust and the straps are waterproof.
The mount prices are as specified on our website. We are always working towards providing you value for your purchase.
Yes. The entire Column TV mounting system is included. The packaging consist of 1 X Column Mounting Bracket. 2 X HD white UV resistant traps with build-in tightening mechanism, 2x sewn-in PillarProtect padding, 1 x 360° view full motion tv mount and mounting hardware for all types of TVs + safety screws + tightening wrench + mini level) All You need is a screw driver.
Pretty close. 2.5" between the back of tv and pillar. The swivel option has three rotating arms that extend out 24". You can adjust your display for viewers 360 degrees around the pillar.
The small pillar tv mount fits post/columns more than 3".
You can email us at or call us at the number listed on the main page of our website.
Condomounts Pillar TV mount is sold as a set. However if you have a special mount you want to use and need a custom pillar adapter, we are glad to custom manufacture that for you. Please contact

Policy Questions

Condomounts warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. In fact, we’re so confident in our manufacturing and quality standards that we offer a 5 year Warranty on all TV mounts!
We offer a 30 day, Money-Back Guarantee for Condomounts units ordered directly on our website! Try our product and if for any reason you're not completely thrilled, just return it within 30-days from your date of purchase to receive a full-refund, Certain conditions apply. Click here for more details.
Most orders are prepared for shipment within hours of being placed. As a result, all website sales are final. However, if you recently placed an order that you'd like to cancel, contact customer service at, and we will try and accommodate your request. However, if your order is beyond our ability to cancel it, you may still receive a refund by following the Return Policy
To return your Condomounts or any accessories, please email or call us with number on the main page of our website.

Installation Questions

Right Here. CLMTVA1044 STEP 1 - STEP 2- CLMTVA1144 STEP1 - STEP 2 CLMTVT10XX MSK9001 - MSK9002 - EAK1451 - EAK1452 - EAK1306 -
The screen size is provided as general guidance. If your TV is VESA compatible with the mount you purchase, and does not exceed the weight recommendation, then by all means, the CondoMounts product can be used for your TV!
CLMTVA1144 - 200x200,400x200,300x300,400x400 CLMTVA1044 - 200x200,400x200,300x300,400x400 CLMTVT1064 - 200x200,300x300, 400x200,400x400,600x400 CLMMMA2022 - 75x75, 100x100, 200x200
Condomounts products are mostly self install, If you need professional help please search for a TV installer on Google who can help you or email us for a list of installers in your area. Thumbtack and Puls have a wide network of installers in United States and Auxe has a wide coverage of installers in Canada. Installation of the Condomounts should cost around $120.
Any shape and size a pillar larger than 3.5 inches, There are Column TV mounts for Large If you are purchasing a wall mount then please follow the instructions as stated in the product. CLMTVA1144 - supports 3" to 18" wide pillars/posts of any shape CLMTVA1044 - Supports 8" to 48" wide pillars/columns of any shape CLMTVT1064 - Supports 8" to 48" wide pillars/columns of any shape
CLMTVA1144 - 66lbs Plus 10lbs for soundbar CLMTVA1044 - 66lbs Plus 10lbs for soundbar CLMTVT1064 - 120lbs plus 10lbs for soundbar CLMMMA2022 - 18lbs
Any shape and size a column/pillar/post larger than 3 inches wide. Please select right product for your pillar as per specification. CLMTVA1144 - supports 3" to 18" wide pillars/posts of any shape CLMTVA1044 - Supports 8" to 48" wide pillars/columns of any shape CLMTVT1064 - Supports 8" to 48" wide pillars/columns of any shape
Yes. You can buy a sound bar mounts like this that attaches the sound bar to the TV.
Yes. Condomounts work metal post. Ensure the Post is strong enough to hold the weight of your tv.
Yes. Condomounts work Aluminum post. Ensure the Post is strong enough to hold the weight of your tv.
Yes. Condomounts work Wooden post. Ensure the Post is strong enough to hold the weight of your tv.
Yes. Most common installations are on a vertical wall, but our CLMTVT1064 that is a tilting pillar tv mount that can mount of a horizontal pillar as well. The mounting bracket for the CLMTVT1064 straps on to a pillar in a horizontal manner and the tilting tv mount attached horizontally onto the mounting bracket. Same product can be used for vertical and horizontal. This product does not have swiveling arms.
Yes. It is recommended that the TV is removed from the mount when adjusting the mount on the pillar/column
Yes. Since the pillar could be big and TV could be big, it is always recommended to have two people doing the installation.
You can use flexible wire loom or raceways that you can stick to the column / pillar . Here are a few products that you can use. The wire loom can be used to cover wires from the TV to the back of the column then routed straight down to reach the power outlet or cable outlet. Remember to eave lots of slack so that you can still rotate the tv when required.
To release the strap pull, and hold the lever towards the handle all the way to back making the ratchet buckle 180 degrees. A video tutorial is available here.
The mount should not slide. Any rubber pad or something like this could fix your problem.

Required Tools

You will need a Screwdriver. No drilling or power tools required.


Yes. It is possible to mount to the foundation post.
The column mounting adapter is not sold separately.
The straps are paintable with any all surface spray paint. The straps are made to absorb paint well and dry fast.
No. You can use a large on a 8x8 and up or if the diameter is larger than 8".
Yes it will. Please see this video. it was install on a 4x4 post
Please email for business account at preferential rates.
Yes. Condomounts does ship to the UK. The shipping fee is around $150. Please email us the details of your order and we can send you a custom order.
Beam ARC other soundbars
The cost of two mounts.
please read this blog
The ratchet buckle can be adjusted to position anywhere you like. Behind the pillar or any side of the pillar.
Yes. The gazebo will work on a hollow aluminum gazebo. Ensure the gazebo is heavy duty and is able to hold the TV.
This video provides details of the dimension of the mounts.
Due to supply chain issues wing nuts may have been replaced with normal nuts. Wrenches for normal nuts will be included.
We run promotions for Black Friday and in spring every year.
Yes. 15 degrees.
YEs. You can.
Yes. As long the side is wider then 3".
Yes. The new design has the normal nut at the bottom. The wing nut at the bottom is hard screw on. So we have replace it with a normal nut.
Orders are shipped the next day of ordering. It will take 2-5 days for delivery.
Please send us a photo of the missing parts and we will send replacement parts within 30 days of your order.