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  • Strapping Column TV Mount

    Patented Slot Grip Technology

    TV Mounts for Condominiums

  • Engineered in Canada

    Designed for strength, ease of use and fast installation

  • Fireplace Mounts

    Swivels towards kitchen or living room

CondoMounts - Unique TV Mounts For Your Home

We develop state of the art TV mounts for today's homes. Unique mounts patented and designed out of Toronto, Canada. We have the best industry wide rating for TV mounts. 

Made especially for your viewing pleasure. Our mounts have unique swivels, tilts and rotation meeting the varied needs of today's homes. We are sure you will love our mounts - and don't worry you have our 24/7 customer service behind you to answer any of your questions.


Unique Patented TV Mounts

Exclusively manufactured and sold by Condo Mounts. These unique patented mounts are sure to make you go "Wow"!!!

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Strong Metal Design

Unique toggle bolt design of our TV mounts give the product strong and rigid structure. Toggle bolts are included with our wall TV mounts.

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