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200lbs Drywall Anchors for No Stud, Metal/Steel Stud, Drywall, Gypsum, Plaster. Heavy Duty Drywall Anchors Used for TV mounting, grab bar mounting, furniture, cabinet mounting, shelve mounting, baby gates, Includes 1/2" Drill Bit

$45.99 $49.99

Hang or Mount your TV with ease.TV wall mounting becomes so much easier with this kit. It will take hardly 15 minutes to mount your TV on hollow drywall.

Included in the package is

a. one 1/2" titanium coated drill bit to drill into drywall or Metal

b. four drywall anchors with screws and washers. 

c. Installation manual and electrical tape to mark the positions during mounting

This kit is a must have if you are mounting your TV into drywall with steel/metal studs. It provides everything you need for your tilt or fixed TV wall mount to be safely mounted into hollow drywall or drywall with metal studs. Use a minimum of  4 wall anchors for a save installation. 

If you are mounting an articulating bracket, make sure all the 4 anchors goes through the steel studs and TV does not weigh more than 66lbs.

This product can be used for TV wall mounts, curtain rods, draperies, blinds, floating shelve, TV, clothes rack, heavy mirrors, projectors, standard & bracket, wire shelving, steel shelving, storage shelves, industrial shelving, garage shelving, or closet shelving — fastening those shelves securely to the wall is absolutely critical to ensure that they do not fall down as soon as you put something on the shelf.

Please consult with an expert or professional if you are mounting anything more then 90lbs on your wall with these anchors.

If you don't use the right wall anchor to install window treatments like draperies, curtain rods, and venetian or vertical blinds, every time you tug on them to open or close the drapes, curtains, or blinds you run the risk of pulling them out of the wall.

Every wall must have studs, if you cannot find them, you can mount your TV on drywall with 4 of these bolts. However, you will have to make sure that your entire wall is built to local building code and is securely fasten to the structure of your house.

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