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Soundbar Mount for Pillars

by Sunderamohan Palanisamy 05 Dec 2022
Soundbar Mount for Pillars

Maximize your condo home theatre display with the new soundbar mounting shelve by Condo Mounts. Conveniently place your soundbar below your pillar mounted TV for clear unobstructed sound with a sleek contemporary look. The CondoMounts soundbar shelf lets your soundbar perfectly sit on top of the shelve without interrupting the sound waves. The TV can be independent moved, leaving surfaces clear and are the “must have” complement to any pillar  mounted TV.


 Another way of mounting a soundbar to a pillar mounted tv is using a Generic SOundbar TV mount that attaches to the back of your TV through the CondoMounts column tv Mount.  The Soundbar mount from Mounting Dream is an example of you can attach your soundbar to a pillar. 


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