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Unlocking TV Mounting Mastery: Any Pillar, Any Shape, Anywhere!

by Shassi Kumaran 01 Jan 2024
Unlocking TV Mounting Mastery: Any Pillar, Any Shape, Anywhere!

Are you tired of limiting your TV installation options? Good news! Condomounts and Zebozap have revolutionized the game, allowing you to mount your TV on virtually any pillar, regardless of its material or shape. Whether it's concrete, wood, steel, square, circle, hexagonal, or any other pillar with a diameter of 4 inches or more, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the ultimate guide on how to make the most of your TV mounting experience!

The Pillar Paradox: Breaking Traditions

Traditionally, TV mounting was a hassle, with limited options for pillar selection. Condomounts and Zebozap have shattered these limitations, opening up a world of possibilities for TV enthusiasts. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect spot, and embrace the freedom to mount your TV on any pillar that fits the diameter criteria.

Concrete Pillars: Rock-Solid Support

Concrete pillars are known for their strength and durability. Imagine transforming your living space by mounting your TV on a concrete pillar. Our mounts provide a secure grip, ensuring your TV stays in place, even on solid concrete. No need to worry about stability – Condomounts and Zebozap offer a reliable solution.

Wood Pillars: Embracing Natural Elegance

If you prefer a touch of natural beauty, wood pillars are an excellent choice. Condomounts and Zebozap ensure a seamless integration with wood pillars, providing not only stability but also an aesthetically pleasing setup. Now, you can bring the warmth of wood to your TV mounting experience.

Steel Pillars: Industrial Strength, Modern Appeal

For those who appreciate an industrial look, steel pillars are a fantastic option. Our mounts are designed to accommodate steel pillars, combining industrial strength with modern appeal. Elevate your TV setup with the sleek and robust support of Condomounts and Zebozap.

Versatility Beyond Imagination: Square, Circle, Hexagonal, and More!

Why limit yourself to conventional shapes? Condomounts and Zebozap redefine versatility by allowing you to mount your TV on pillars of various shapes. Whether it's a square, circle, hexagonal, or any other shape, as long as the diameter is 4 inches or more, you have the green light to create a unique and personalized TV setup.

The Magic of 4 Inches: Unlocking Possibilities

The key to our unparalleled versatility lies in the minimum diameter requirement of 4 inches. This opens the door to a vast array of pillar options, ensuring that you can choose the one that complements your style and space. Measure your pillars, explore the possibilities, and get ready to transform your TV viewing experience.

Installing Your TV with Ease: The Condomounts and Zebozap Advantage

Now that you're excited about the endless possibilities, let's talk about the installation process. With our mounts, it's a breeze! The 2-step, no-tools, no-drilling installation ensures that you can set up your TV without the hassle of complicated procedures. Strap it up, rotate for a 360° view, and enjoy a secure and flexible mounting experience.

Product Spotlight: Condomounts and Zebozap


  • Full Motion, Tilt Only, and Fixed Mounts
  • Weatherproof and Durable
  • Guaranteed fit or your money back


  • Strapable Mounts for Any Pillar
  • 2 Step - No Tools - No Drilling TV Installation
  • Rotating TV Mount for 360° View

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