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Strapping Your TV Mount on a Patio Pillar

by Shassi Kumaran 01 Jan 2024
Strapping Your TV Mount on a Patio Pillar

As we usher in a new year, the desire to enhance our outdoor spaces becomes more palpable. Imagine hosting a vibrant New Year BBQ on your pergola with friends and family, surrounded by the warmth of good company and the brilliance of a well-placed outdoor TV. In this guide, we'll delve into the seamless process of setting up the Zebozap Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount (ZZTVA2044) on a pillar of your outdoor pergola, elevating your entertainment experience to new heights.

Why Choose Zebozap Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount (ZZTVA2044)?

Before we dive into the installation process, let's explore why the Zebozap ZZTVA2044 is the perfect choice for your outdoor TV setup. This innovative strapable mount offers:

2 Step - No tools - No Drilling TV Installation: Gone are the days of complicated installations. With just two simple steps, this mount allows you to secure your TV without the need for tools or drilling, making the process hassle-free and efficient.

Rotating TV Mount for 360° View: Enjoy the flexibility of a 360° rotating TV mount, ensuring that everyone in your outdoor space gets a perfect view of the screen, no matter where they are seated.

Guaranteed Fit or Money Back: Zebozap takes pride in its products, and the ZZTVA2044 is no exception. Rest easy knowing that this mount is designed to fit a variety of pillars, and if it doesn't meet your expectations, a money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction.

Weatherproof: Built to withstand the elements, the ZZTVA2044 is weatherproof, making it an ideal choice for outdoor installations. Whether it's rain or shine, your outdoor TV will be securely mounted and ready for action.

Now, let's walk through the step-by-step process of installing the Zebozap ZZTVA2044 on a pillar of your outdoor pergola.

Installation Guide: Setting up the Zebozap ZZTVA2044 on an Outdoor Pergola Pillar

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

The beauty of the ZZTVA2044 lies in its simplicity. No elaborate tools are required for the installation. Ensure you have the following:

  • Zebozap Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount (ZZTVA2044)
  • Outdoor TV
  • A stable ladder for reaching the pillar
  • A helping hand for added convenience

Step 2: Assess the Pillar and TV Placement

Before securing the mount, carefully assess the pillar on your outdoor pergola. Choose a location that provides optimal viewing angles and complements the overall layout of your outdoor space. Once decided, position your outdoor TV nearby for a visual reference.

Step 3: Strap and Secure

Wrap the sturdy straps of the ZZTVA2044 around the selected pillar, ensuring a tight and secure fit. The straps are designed to hold the TV mount in place without the need for drilling or additional support. This innovative strapping mechanism guarantees a reliable hold, even in outdoor environments.

Step 4: Attach the TV to the Mount

With the ZZTVA2044 securely strapped to the pillar, proceed to attach your outdoor TV to the mount. The full-motion design allows you to find the perfect viewing angle, ensuring that every member of your gathering has an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Step 5: Fine-Tune the Position

Take advantage of the 360° rotating feature to fine-tune the position of your outdoor TV. Whether you're lounging on a sofa or gathered around a table, the Zebozap ZZTVA2044 ensures everyone gets an optimal view.

With these simple steps, you've successfully transformed your outdoor pergola into a dynamic entertainment hub, ready for memorable gatherings and celebrations.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Outdoor Entertainment with Zebozap

The Zebozap Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount (ZZTVA2044) effortlessly combines functionality and innovation, providing a user-friendly solution to outdoor TV installations. By following this guide, you've unlocked the potential of your outdoor pergola, creating a space where entertainment and celebration seamlessly merge.

Take the leap and enhance your outdoor experience with Zebozap. Embrace the future of outdoor entertainment, where setting up an outdoor TV is as easy as 1-2-strap!

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