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Outdoor TV Mount

by Shassi Kumaran 27 Jun 2024
Outdoor TV Mount

Imagine enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies under the open sky, surrounded by the comfort of your own outdoor space. With the Condomounts ZeboZAP Swivelling Gazebo TV Mount, this dream can become a reality. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love to entertain, this innovative TV mount offers a perfect blend of functionality and style, making it a must-have for any gazebo or patio setup.

Why Choose the ZeboZAP Swivelling Gazebo TV Mount?

The ZeboZAP TV Mount stands out for several reasons:

  1. No Drilling Required: One of the most appealing features of the ZeboZAP TV Mount is its no-drill installation. Traditional TV mounts often require extensive drilling and permanent modifications, but with ZeboZAP, you can securely mount your TV without any damage to your gazebo or outdoor structures. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who rent their homes or prefer not to alter their property.

  2. Weatherproof Design: Outdoor equipment needs to withstand various weather conditions. The ZeboZAP TV Mount is designed to be weatherproof, ensuring your TV remains safe and secure, rain or shine. The all-black finish not only adds a sleek, modern look but also provides additional protection against the elements.

  3. Versatile Fit: Whether your gazebo posts are square, triangular, or round, the ZeboZAP TV Mount can accommodate them. It fits posts with a circumference of up to 55 inches, making it a versatile choice for different outdoor setups. This adaptability ensures a snug fit and stable installation on a wide range of post shapes and sizes.

  4. 180° Swivel for Optimal Viewing: The ZeboZAP TV Mount offers an impressive 180° swivel feature, allowing you to adjust your TV to the perfect viewing angle. Whether you're hosting a BBQ, a game night, or a cozy movie evening, you and your guests can enjoy an optimal viewing experience from any spot in your outdoor area.

  5. Robust Weight Capacity: With a remarkable weight capacity of 33lbs, the ZeboZAP TV Mount can hold TVs ranging from 23 to 50 inches. This robust capacity ensures that your TV remains stable and secure, providing peace of mind during your outdoor entertainment sessions.

  6. Complete Installation Kit: The ZeboZAP TV Mount comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. This comprehensive package means you don't have to make additional trips to the hardware store, allowing you to set up your outdoor entertainment system quickly and easily.

Transform Your Outdoor Experience:

Upgrading your outdoor space with the ZeboZAP Swivelling Gazebo TV Mount transforms more than just your gazebo; it enhances your overall outdoor living experience. Imagine watching the big game with friends, enjoying a family movie night under the stars, or simply relaxing with your favorite show in the fresh air. The ZeboZAP TV Mount makes all these scenarios possible, adding a new dimension to your outdoor activities.

Easy Installation Process:

Installing the ZeboZAP TV Mount is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps:

  1. Secure the Straps: Position the mount on your chosen post and secure the straps around it. The adjustable straps ensure a tight fit, providing a stable base for your TV.

  2. Attach the Mount: Once the straps are in place, attach the mount to your TV. Ensure all screws are tightly fastened to maintain stability.

  3. Adjust the Swivel: After attaching the TV, adjust the swivel to your desired angle. The 180° swivel feature allows you to find the perfect viewing position effortlessly.

  4. Enjoy: With the TV securely mounted and positioned, you're ready to enjoy your outdoor entertainment setup. Invite friends and family over and impress them with your new outdoor entertainment system.


The Condomounts ZeboZAP Swivelling Gazebo TV Mount is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space. Its weatherproof design, no-drill installation, versatile fit, and robust weight capacity make it a standout choice for outdoor TV mounting solutions. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or someone who loves to entertain, the ZeboZAP TV Mount offers a practical and stylish way to elevate your outdoor experience. Embrace the joy of open-air entertainment and make your outdoor gatherings unforgettable with the ZeboZAP Swivelling Gazebo TV Mount.

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