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90lb Elephant Anchor Kit- 50 Anchors + 50 Screws. Toggle Bolt for Drywall Wall & Metal Studs | Perfect for No Stud / Metal Stud Walls

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Strongest No Stud Drywall Anchors - These Heavy duty drywall anchor kit makes mounting heavy items on drywall EASY PEASY.

Top Features :

 Bolts and Anchors to Mount Wall Fixtures upto 90lbs on Drywall

 Fixture can be removed and fastened at anytime without threaded metal channel falling into wall

 Complete 100/101 piece kit with no more visits to the hardware store. 

 They make smaller holes (1/2" Holes) and are 5x faster then wing toggles

 Hang or Mount your TV with ease.TV wall mounting becomes so much easier with this kit. It will take hardly 15 minutes to mount your TV on hollow drywall.

 This kit is a must have if you are mounting your TV into drywall. It provides everything you need for your tilt or fixed TV wall mount to be safely mounted into hollow drywall or drywall with metal studs. 

This product can be used for TV wall mounts, grab barcurtain rods, draperies, blinds, floating shelve, TV, clothes rack, heavy mirrors, projectors, wire shelving, steel shelving, storage shelves, cabinets, industrial shelving, garage shelving, or closet shelving — fastening those shelves securely to the wall is absolutely critical to ensure that they do not fall down as soon as you put something on the shelf.


Please use 2 or more anchors when mounting more then 40lbs. 

A Revolution In Mounting kit to enable mounting mounting between 24" studs. - Our Heavy Duty 20-Piece Mounting Kit replaces the old fashioned toggle wings, wing anchor, molly bolts, and butterfly anchor system and can be pre-installed without using a bolt since our anchors won't fall off and into your wall.

How to mount tv on 24” stud walls? Studs are too far apart? How to mount tv to be centered when studs are not available? The answer is here. 

Can also be used in Most Types Of Walls - Can be used in various hollow walls and ceiling 3/8" to 3" thick including drywall, mdf, sheetrock, hollow block, plaster, tile, plasterboard, wallboard, sheet rock, gypsum board, buster board, cement board, custard board or gypsum panel.

Other Heavy Duty Mounting Needs - Perfect for hanging curtain rods, lamps, photo frames, coat racks, power switches, fixing lamps, bookshelves, hanging cabinets, sinks, curtain chutes, bookshelf chutes, cable trenches, hanging flower pots, water heaters and coat racks.

Are you a TV Installer or Handyman and needs additional heavy duty anchors to provide additional strength to the fixture you are mounting? How to Enhance mounting strength when mounting holes don't align to holes/slots on fixtures? 

When wall mounting TV installers and Handyman regularly come across situations where the mounting holes do not match the 2x4 wooden studs. The mounting holes only match to drywall where there are NO STUDS.

Drywall is fairly a strong substances and mounting something heavy on drywall is possible with Elephant anchors. Elephant anchors can be used to add additional mounting points between the fixture and wall. 

When mounting a TV, for instance you will be able to find one stud which lines up to the center of the TV mount. However you will want to secure the two other edges of the TV mount safely and securely to your drywall. Elephant anchors are able to that in any hollow wall anchor. 

Alternatives to Reinforce a Wall with Plywood Backing?

Non matching fixture holes to mount items on the wall is a common problem and people might resort to install additional plywood to the wall. Although this is possible, adding plywood to reinforced a wall is unnecessary.

Adding plywood can be lots of work. Firstly you have to cut to size, then paint it to achieve a nice finish. You will also have to be able to use lag bolts to attach your plywood onto a surface. The bulging of the lag bolts will deter you from being to to get a smooth surface to mount the fixture you intent to mount. 

If you mounting something more then 150lbs, is going to be constantly pulled out, and its  hangs far away from your wall you should consider the plywood backing.  If you are mounting something below 150 lbs, a combination of mounting to the studs and multiple drywall anchors like Elephant anchors can make your mounting secure and safe. 

Why CondoMounts Kit with the Elephant Anchor able to mount your TV and other wall fixture with ease?

Highest Quality No Stud Anchors - The CondoMounts Heavy Duty Drywall Anchors and Screws are designed to work in either a wall or a ceiling. Our Anchors are an updated version of wing/toggle bolts, making installation up to 5x faster while using a smaller hole and holding more. 1/4"-20 screws are included in this kit for your convenience.

A Revolution in Mounting - Our drywall anchors can be pre-installed without using a bolt and don't fall behind the wall when the bolt is removed. The Elephant anchor provides a secure hold from within various hollow materials 3/8" to 3" thick including drywall, MDF, sheetrock, plasterboard, sheet rock, gypsum board, buster board, and custard board.

Heavy Duty Mounting - Perfect for mounting and hanging curtain rods, lamps, photo frames, coat racks, flat panel TVs, lighting fixtures, hand rails, grab bars, ADA hardware, shelves, cabinets, barn doors, solar panels, garage doors, sinks, brackets, a shower door, and so much more!

Quality Construction for Quality Construction - Each anchor consists of a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated metal channel; plastic straps attached to the channel that position it into place; and a plastic flange that slides down the straps and presses into the drilled hole firmly to lock the anchor channel in place behind the mounting material.

A Hold You Can Trust - The CondoMounts anchor channel will not rotate when installing the bolt, whether installing by hand or with a drill driver, and will stay in place if the bolt is removed to facilitate fixture and screw changes. 

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