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What is the biggest TV I can wall mount?

by Shassi Kumaran 12 Jun 2024
What is the biggest TV I can wall mount?

In this blog, we'll explore these factors in detail to help you make an informed decision and achieve the best viewing experience possible.

When it comes to creating the ultimate home theater experience or simply enjoying your favorite shows on a larger screen, wall mounting your TV is a fantastic option. However, one of the most common questions people ask is, "What is the biggest TV I can wall mount?" The answer isn't straightforward, as it depends on several factors, including the TV's weight, the type of wall, the mounting bracket, and personal preferences.


Understanding TV Sizes and Weights

Modern TVs come in a wide range of sizes, from compact 32-inch models to massive 85-inch screens and beyond. While size is an important consideration, weight is equally crucial. Larger TVs tend to weigh more, and this weight needs to be supported securely by the wall mount and the wall itself.

Here’s a general guideline for TV sizes and their average weights:

  • 32-43 inches: 15-30 lbs
  • 50-55 inches: 30-50 lbs
  • 60-65 inches: 50-70 lbs
  • 70-75 inches: 70-90 lbs
  • 80-85 inches: 90-120 lbs

These weights can vary based on the TV's make and model, so always check the specific weight of your TV before proceeding with the mount.


Types of Wall Mounts

Choosing the right wall mount is critical for supporting larger TVs. There are several types of wall mounts available:

  1. Fixed Mounts

    These are the simplest and most secure type, holding the TV flat against the wall. They are ideal for larger TVs as they offer strong support and minimal movement.

  2. Tilt Mounts

    These allow the TV to tilt up and down, which can be helpful to reduce glare or for higher mounting positions. They offer a good balance between stability and flexibility.

  3. Full-Motion Mounts

    These mounts provide the most flexibility, allowing the TV to extend, swivel, and tilt. While they are versatile, they require a strong and stable wall to support the increased leverage and movement, making them suitable for large TVs only if the wall can handle the stress.

Wall Types and Strength

The type of wall you have is a crucial factor in determining the maximum size and weight of the TV you can mount. There are three common types of walls:

  1. Drywall
    The most common type of wall in homes. Mounting a large TV on drywall alone can be risky. It's essential to find the wall studs and use them to secure the mount. Wall anchors or toggles can provide additional support.

  2. Brick or Concrete
    These walls are incredibly strong and can support larger TVs more securely. Use masonry anchors and screws designed for heavy loads.

  3. Plaster
    Older homes may have plaster walls, which are more brittle than drywall. It's best to find studs or use a mounting system designed specifically for plaster.

VESA Compatibility

The VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mount is a standard used for TV mounts and brackets. It defines the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the TV. Ensure that your wall mount is VESA-compatible with your TV. Common VESA patterns for larger TVs include 400x400mm, 600x400mm, and 800x400mm.

Installation Tips for Large TVs

  1. Find the Studs: Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs. Mark the locations and ensure the mount is attached to at least two studs for maximum stability.

  2. Use the Right Hardware: High-quality screws, anchors, and bolts are essential. Avoid using cheap or mismatched hardware, as they may not support the TV's weight.

  3. Check the Height: Mount the TV at eye level from your seating position. For a more cinematic experience, you can mount it slightly higher, but ensure it’s comfortable for viewing.

  4. Cable Management: Plan your cable management before mounting. Consider using in-wall cable kits to keep things neat and tidy.

  5. Get Help: Large TVs are cumbersome and fragile. Having an extra pair of hands can make the process safer and easier.


Common Questions and Concerns


1. Is there a maximum TV size for wall mounting?

While there isn't a strict maximum size, most wall mounts are designed to handle TVs up to 85 inches. Beyond this size, the weight and stress on the wall and mount become significant, and professional installation is highly recommended.


2. Can I mount an 85-inch TV on drywall?

Yes, but it's crucial to secure the mount to the studs and use additional supports like wall anchors or toggles. For such large TVs, consulting with a professional installer can ensure safety and stability.


3. Are full-motion mounts safe for large TVs?

Full-motion mounts can be safe for large TVs if installed correctly on a strong wall. They require robust mounting and secure attachment to studs or masonry.


Benefits of Wall Mounting a Large TV

  1. Space Saving: Wall mounting eliminates the need for bulky TV stands, freeing up floor space for other uses.

  2. Enhanced Viewing Experience: Mounting the TV at the right height provides a more comfortable and immersive viewing experience.

  3. Safety: Wall mounting secures the TV out of the reach of children and pets, reducing the risk of accidents.

  4. Aesthetics: A mounted TV creates a clean, modern look, especially when combined with good cable management.


Determining the biggest TV you can wall mount involves considering the TV's size and weight, the type of wall, the wall mount, and proper installation techniques. By understanding these factors and following best practices, you can safely mount even the largest TVs and enjoy a fantastic viewing experience in your home.

Remember, for extremely large or heavy TVs, professional installation is often the best option to ensure safety and stability. Whether you're upgrading your home theater or optimizing your living room setup, wall mounting a large TV can be a game-changer. So, measure twice, plan carefully, and enjoy your big-screen experience!

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