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Stop Drilling Use Straps Instead

by Shassi Kumaran 22 Apr 2024
Stop Drilling Use Straps Instead

Mounting your TV shouldn't be a chore involving drills, tools, and structural compromises. If you've been contemplating a TV setup on a pillar but hesitant about drilling, the CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount is your ultimate solution. This innovative mount offers a hassle-free, drill-free approach to securely mounting your TV on any pillar, bringing convenience and style to your entertainment space.

1. Why Choose the CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount?

The CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. It eliminates the need for drilling into structural pillars, preserving the integrity of your space. Instead, the mount utilizes robust straps that securely hold your TV in place, providing a flexible and non-permanent installation option. This means you can enjoy a mounted TV without the permanent commitment of drilling.


2. Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy Installation
    The two-step installation process involves attaching the mounting plate to your pillar and then securing the TV mount. No power tools or complex procedures required.
  • Space-Saving
    Say goodbye to TV stands and cabinets that consume floor space. With the pillar mount, your TV is neatly positioned without clutter.

  • Enhanced Viewing
    Enjoy optimal viewing angles with the ability to adjust the TV's position easily.

  • Versatile Compatibility
    The mount supports TVs ranging from 32" to 70" and various pillar shapes, including circular, square, and rectangular.

  • Full Motion Capability
    Experience 360-degree rotation around the pillar for customizable viewing experiences.

  • Durable Straps
    The mount includes high-strength polymer straps, UV resistant and capable of supporting up to 80 lbs.


3. Ideal Applications

The CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount is perfect for condominiums, apartments, airports, lofts, and any space with structural pillars. It offers a convenient solution for renters and homeowners alike who seek a TV mounting option that doesn't involve permanent alterations.



Transform your TV viewing experience with the CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount. Say goodbye to drilling and welcome the ease of strap-based TV mounting. Whether you're upgrading your living space or seeking a versatile TV solution, this innovative mount delivers style, convenience, and flexibility. Explore the possibilities of effortless TV mounting with CondoMounts today.


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