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Protect Outdoor TV

by Shassi Kumaran 27 Jan 2024
Protect Outdoor TV

Welcome to the fantastic journey of transforming your outdoor TV setup into an impervious fortress of entertainment! In this epic blog post, we're not just going to guide you; we're going to embark on an adventure together. So, buckle up as we explore the wonders of mounting your TV on a pillar using the awe-inspiring Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount by Zebozap. Then, brace yourselves as we tackle the elements head-on by strategically employing bungee cords for stability. Finally, we'll dive into the importance of draping your beloved TV in a cloak of invincibility – a quality TV cover.

Section 1: Mounting Your TV with Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount

Behold, the Zebozap Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount – a game-changer for outdoor TV enthusiasts seeking the ultimate blend of security and flexibility. Now, let's embark on this journey together:


Grab your tools and the mighty Zebozap mount kit. Ensure your pillar is ready to embrace the technological marvel about to be bestowed upon it.


Seek out the perfect spot on your pillar for the TV spectacle. The Full Motion feature guarantees a mesmerizing 360° view, so choose wisely for an optimal visual extravaganza.


Fear not, for a two-step, no-tools-needed installation process awaits. Strap the Zebozap mount securely to the pillar, snug as a bug. With the rotating feature, find that sweet spot for the perfect viewing angle.

Guaranteed Fit

Revel in the assurance that the Zebozap mount comes with a guarantee. If it doesn't fit or meet your wildest TV dreams, fear not – your money shall be resurrected.

Section 2: Securing Your TV with Bungee Cords

Now that your TV is poised on the pillar like royalty, let's address the volatile nature of weather with the ancient art of bungee cord sorcery:

Selecting Bungee Cords

Choose bungee cords that rival Thor's hammer in resilience against the elements. Opt for a length that grants both flexibility and a grip so firm, not even a storm could shake it.

Attaching Bungee Cords

Wrap those bungee cords around your TV and the Zebozap mount – a union forged in the fires of weather resistance. Tension is key, so neither too tight nor too loose, for a dance in harmony.

Strategic Placement

Strategically position the bungee cords to ward off wobbling during tumultuous weather. This step is pivotal in preserving the sanctity of your outdoor TV setup.

Regular Checks

Be the weather wizard your TV deserves. Periodically inspect the bungee cords, making adjustments as needed. A vigilant eye shall ensure the continued stability of your outdoor TV realm.

Section 3: Shielding Your TV with a Quality Cover

As we approach the climax of our adventure, let's unveil the final layer of protection for your cherished TV:

Choosing the Right TV Cover

Delve into the world of high-quality, outdoor-rated TV covers that fit your TV's dimensions like a bespoke suit. Seek materials forged in the fires of durability and weather resistance.


When the TV takes a nap, drape it in the chosen TV cover. Ensure a snug fit, utilizing any additional fastening mechanisms provided by the cover's creators.


A true hero's cover must be waterproof, deflecting raindrops like arrows. Shield your TV from moisture, preserving the integrity of its electronic heart.

Dust Protection

This cover is not just a shield; it's a guardian against the dusty forces that seek to settle on your TV's screen and delicate areas. Keep clarity and functionality intact!


In the grand finale of our adventure, behold the transformed outdoor TV setup – fortified with the might of Zebozap, the wisdom of bungee cords, and the invincibility cloak of a quality TV cover. Your outdoor entertainment realm stands as a testament to security and protection. With Zebozap as your guide, enjoy the worry-free bliss of outdoor entertainment, where your TV reigns supreme, securely mounted and well-guarded against the elements. Now, let the epic entertainment saga begin!

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