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Pillar Mounted Shelves

by Shassi Kumaran 12 Mar 2024
Pillar Mounted Shelves

Are you tired of cluttered cables and bulky furniture in your living space? CondoMounts has the perfect solution for you – Pillar Shelves that combine functionality, style, and ease of installation. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep into the features of these shelves, why they are a game-changer, and the step-by-step process of mounting them.

Unveiling CondoMounts Pillar Shelves

The Innovation: Slot Grip Technology
At the heart of CondoMounts Pillar Shelves is the groundbreaking Slot Grip Technology. Unlike traditional shelves, these floating wonders seamlessly wrap around pillars, providing a clean and sleek appearance. No more unsightly brackets or bulky supports – just a modern, minimalist design that enhances your space.

Versatility at its Best

Whether you have round pillars or square columns, our Pillar Shelves are designed to fit seamlessly. The heavy-duty paintable strap included with each shelf ensures a secure grip, allowing you to mount them on concrete pillars, drywall, or any shaped column effortlessly.

Easy Installation with Ratcheting Mechanism

The CondoMounts Pillar Shelves come equipped with a user-friendly ratcheting mechanism, making installation a breeze. In just minutes, you can transform your space without the need for drilling or power tools. The shelves are perfect for renters, as they can be installed without seeking permission from landlords or condo boards.

The Pillar Shelve Experience

Maximizing Space

Our floating shelves offer a practical and elegant solution for organizing your entertainment devices. With a depth of 12" and a width of 14", there's ample space for your Soundbar, gaming console, cable box, or any other entertainment essentials. The vertical distance between shelves is 6", providing flexibility for various setups.

Toughened Glass for Durability

The toughened oven-baked tempered glass used in CondoMounts Pillar Shelves can handle up to 20 lbs on each layer, with a total capacity of 40 lbs. This durability ensures that your valuable devices are securely supported, giving you peace of mind.

Cable Management for a Sleek Finish

Say goodbye to tangled cables! Our Pillar Shelves come with cable management openings, allowing you to tuck away unsightly cords. The result? A sleek and elegant finish that complements the overall aesthetics of your pillar or column.

Why Choose CondoMounts Pillar Shelves?

Space Optimization

The strapping round pillar shelves by CondoMounts are designed to free up floor space in your apartment or condo. Experience a clutter-free environment while maintaining a modern and stylish look.

Rental-Friendly Installation

Since our Pillar Shelves don't involve drilling, they are the perfect solution for renters. Transform your space without worrying about seeking approval or causing damage to walls or pillars.

Define Your Entertainment Center

Just like our Column TV Mount, the Pillar Shelve becomes the focal point of your home entertainment setup. Showcase your devices in style, creating an organized and visually appealing entertainment center.

How to Mount CondoMounts Pillar Shelves


  • Unbox and Inspect: Carefully unbox your CondoMounts Pillar Shelves and inspect all components, ensuring nothing is damaged.


  • Prepare the Pillar or Column: Clean the surface where you plan to mount the shelves, ensuring it's free from dust and debris.


  • Strap Installation: Wrap the heavy-duty paintable strap around the pillar or column, securing it in place.


  • Ratchet Mechanism: Utilize the ratcheting mechanism to tighten the strap, creating a snug fit for the shelves.


  • Place the Shelves: Gently place the toughened glass shelves onto the strap, ensuring they are level and secure.


  • Cable Management: Organize your cables through the provided openings, achieving a clean and polished look.


Explore CondoMounts Pillar Shelves Today

Ready to transform your space with CondoMounts Pillar Shelves? Visit our Shopify store to explore the product and place your order: CondoMounts Pillar Shelves.

For hassle-free shopping, find us on Amazon: CondoMounts Pillar Shelves.

Elevate your living space, embrace modern design, and enjoy the convenience of clutter-free entertainment with CondoMounts Pillar Shelves. Your space, your style – redefined.


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