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NO drill TV mounting

by Shassi Kumaran 31 May 2024
NO drill TV mounting

Mounting a TV on a pillar has never been easier, thanks to Condomounts. Our innovative Pillar TV Mount eliminates the need for drilling, making the installation process simple and efficient. Whether you live in a condo, apartment, or loft, this mounting solution is perfect for enhancing your viewing experience without compromising the structural integrity of your home.

The Problem with Traditional TV Mounting

Traditional TV mounting often requires drilling into walls or pillars, which can be problematic, especially in structural pillars. Drilling can compromise the integrity of these structures, and it’s a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Homeowners and renters alike seek a simpler, less invasive solution.


Why Choose Condomounts' Pillar TV Mount

Our Pillar TV Mount is designed to address these issues. Developed by a team of engineers, it ensures easy installation, style, and functionality. Here’s why you need this mount in your home:


  1. No Drilling Required:

    Preserve the structural integrity of your pillars. Avoid the risks associated with drilling into load-bearing structures.

  2. Save Space:

    Free up valuable floor space by eliminating the need for TV stands or media cabinets.

  3. Easy Cleaning:

    With the TV mounted on a pillar, cleaning your floors becomes hassle-free.

  4. Enhanced Viewing:

    Enjoy better and more flexible viewing angles. The mount allows for 360-degree rotation around the pillar, ensuring you get the best view from any spot in the room.

  5. Simple Installation:

    The two-step process is straightforward and quick. Just strap the mounting plate to the pillar and attach the TV mount.

  6. Cost-Effective:

    Save on installation costs. No need for professional help or power tools – you can do it yourself!


Specifications and Versatility

Our Pillar TV Mount is versatile and robust. It supports TV sizes from 32" to 70" and a weight capacity of up to 80lbs. Compatible with a variety of pillar shapes, including circular, square, rectangular, and more, it’s ideal for any setting. The mount also supports both portrait and landscape orientations, offering flexibility to suit your needs.


Perfect for Any Setting

Whether in a condominium, apartment, airport, or loft, our Pillar TV Mount fits right in. The adjustable height and position allow you to customize your viewing experience. Plus, our 4000lbs UV-resistant polymer straps ensure durability and long-lasting performance.



Upgrade your living space with Condomounts' Pillar TV Mount. Enjoy the benefits of easy installation, enhanced viewing, and space-saving design. Say goodbye to drilling and hello to a smarter way of mounting your TV. Visit [link to product] to learn more and get yours today!


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