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No Drill TV Mount | Full Motion Pillar TV Mount for 32-70" TVs

by Shassi Kumaran 08 Jun 2024
No Drill TV Mount | Full Motion Pillar TV Mount for 32-70" TVs

Are you tired of dealing with complicated TV mounting systems that require power tools, drills, and a lot of time? Do you live in a condo, apartment, or loft with limited space and structural pillars? If so, the Condomounts Full Motion Pillar TV Mount is the perfect solution for you. This innovative product is designed to make TV mounting easy, fast, and secure, without compromising the structural integrity of your pillars.

Why Choose a Pillar TV Mount?

Mounting a TV on a structural pillar comes with several advantages. Firstly, it eliminates the need to drill into the pillar, preserving its structural integrity. Drilling into support structures can weaken them over time, posing a safety risk. With the Condomounts Pillar TV Mount, you avoid this issue entirely.

Additionally, a pillar-mounted TV saves valuable floor space. Without the need for a TV stand or media cabinet, you can enjoy a more open and spacious living area. This setup also makes cleaning easier, as there are no obstacles to sweep or mop around.

Features and Benefits

The Condomounts Full Motion Pillar TV Mount is packed with features that enhance your TV viewing experience:

  1. No Drilling Required: Say goodbye to drills and complicated tools. The mount straps securely to your pillar, making installation a breeze.
  2. Easy 2-Step Installation: Designed with simplicity in mind, the installation process involves just two steps: strapping the mounting plate to the pillar and attaching the TV mount.
  3. Full Motion Viewing: Enjoy 360-degree rotation around the pillar, allowing you to adjust the TV to the perfect angle for any viewing situation.
  4. Adjustable Height and Position: Customize the height and position of your TV to suit your preferences.
  5. High Weight Capacity: The mount can hold TVs from 32 to 70 inches, with a weight capacity of up to 80lbs.
  6. Durable and Reliable: Made with high-quality materials, including UV-resistant polymer straps that can withstand up to 4000lbs of force.

Perfect for Various Settings

The Condomounts Pillar TV Mount is ideal for a range of environments, including:

  • Condos and Apartments: Maximize space and enjoy a clutter-free living area.
  • Lofts and Open-Concept Spaces: Keep your TV out of the way while maintaining a modern, open feel.
  • Outdoor Areas: Mount your TV on pillars in gazebos, pergolas, or patios for outdoor entertainment.


The Condomounts Full Motion Pillar TV Mount is a game-changer for anyone looking to mount their TV without the hassle of drilling and complicated tools. With its easy installation, full motion viewing, and space-saving design, it offers a superior solution for both indoor and outdoor TV mounting. Transform your TV viewing experience today with Condomounts.

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