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Mounting TVs: Breaking Gender Stereotypes with Condomounts and Zebozap!

by Shassi Kumaran 06 Dec 2023
Mounting TVs: Breaking Gender Stereotypes with Condomounts and Zebozap!

In a world where technology evolves at a rapid pace, our daily lives become increasingly intertwined with innovative solutions. One such groundbreaking advancement is the process of mounting a 42-inch TV outdoors on a pillar without the need for drilling. At Condomounts, we believe in inclusivity, breaking stereotypes, and making home improvement accessible to everyone. Today, we delve into the empowering process of mounting a TV outdoors, showcasing that it can be effortlessly done by anyone, irrespective of gender.

Unveiling the Game-Changer: Zebozap Strapable Mounts

Our star player in this revolutionary process is the Zebozap strapable mount – a game-changer that defies traditional norms associated with TV installation. Gone are the days when mounting a TV was perceived as a task reserved for a specific gender. Zebozap brings forth a simple, tool-free solution that empowers everyone to take charge of their entertainment setup.

The Hassle-Free Process:

Selecting the Perfect Spot: Begin by choosing the ideal location on your outdoor pillar for mounting the 42-inch TV. Zebozap's versatility allows you the freedom to pick the spot that suits your preferences.

Strap and Secure: The hallmark of Zebozap is its no-drill, strapable design. Wrap the sturdy straps around the pillar and secure them tightly. This step ensures a stable foundation for your TV without the need for any intrusive drilling.

Attach the Mount: With the straps securely in place, attach the Zebozap mount to the back of your 42-inch TV. The mount is designed to provide a secure grip, ensuring your TV stays in place even in outdoor conditions.

Adjust for Optimal Viewing: Zebozap's rotating TV mount allows for a 360° view, ensuring that you can adjust your TV to achieve the perfect angle for outdoor viewing. Whether it's a sunny afternoon or a starlit evening, enjoy your favorite shows and movies in the great outdoors.

Inclusivity Knows No Gender:

Now, let's address the prevailing misconception that certain tasks, such as mounting a TV, are reserved for a specific gender. Zebozap stands as a testament to breaking these stereotypes. This innovative strapable mount empowers everyone, regardless of gender, to take control of their home entertainment setup.

Empowering Women in Home Improvement:

To showcase the inclusivity of Zebozap, we want to highlight that mounting a 42-inch TV outdoors on a pillar without drilling is a task that can be easily accomplished by women. The design of Zebozap eliminates the need for heavy tools and complicated installation processes, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate simplicity and efficiency.

As a woman, you can confidently take charge of transforming your outdoor space into a cinematic haven. Zebozap's two-step, no-tools-required installation process ensures that you can enjoy your favorite content without relying on external help.

Zebozap's Features:

2 Step - No Tools - No Drilling TV Installation: Zebozap redefines convenience with a straightforward installation process that requires no tools or drilling.

Rotating TV Mount for 360° View: Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting your TV for the optimal viewing experience with Zebozap's rotating mount.

Guaranteed Fit or Money Back: We stand by the quality of our product. If, for any reason, Zebozap doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Weatherproof: Zebozap is built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring your TV remains secure and operational in various weather conditions.


In conclusion, the process of mounting a 42-inch TV outdoors on a pillar without drilling is no longer a complex and exclusive task. Zebozap's strapable mounts make it possible for everyone, including women, to effortlessly create their outdoor entertainment oasis.

At Condomounts, we celebrate inclusivity and believe in providing solutions that empower individuals to take charge of their living spaces. Zebozap is not just a TV mount; it's a symbol of breaking stereotypes and embracing a future where home improvement knows no gender boundaries.

So, embrace the freedom of outdoor entertainment, confidently install your TV with Zebozap, and revel in the joy of breaking barriers in home improvement.

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