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Maximizing Entertainment: A Guide to Mounting Two TVs on One Pillar with Condomounts

by Shassi Kumaran 20 Nov 2023
Maximizing Entertainment: A Guide to Mounting Two TVs on One Pillar with Condomounts

In the ever-evolving landscape of home entertainment, Condomounts presents a groundbreaking solution for those seeking to elevate their viewing experience. Imagine a setup where not one, but two TVs grace a single pillar, seamlessly integrated into your living space. Today, we delve into the innovative process of mounting two TVs on the same pillar using Condomounts' cutting-edge technology.


In a world where home entertainment knows no bounds, Condomounts takes a leap forward with a revolutionary idea – mounting two TVs on a single pillar. This guide explores the step-by-step process, highlighting the simplicity, functionality, and style that Condomounts brings to your home.

Why Choose Condomounts

Before we delve into the process, let's understand why Condomounts stands out. Condomounts is a leading provider of versatile TV mounts, specializing in pillar, wall, and ceiling mounts. The company's commitment to quality, innovation, and user-friendly designs is exemplified in its latest offering – the ability to mount two TVs on one pillar.

The Components

To embark on this journey, gather the necessary components:

Condomounts Strapable Mount: Specially designed for dual TV setups, this strapable mount boasts durability, weatherproofing, and a guarantee of a perfect fit.

Two Pillar Mount Plates: These plates serve as the anchor points for your TVs and ensure a secure and stable installation.

Step 1: Assessing the Pillar

Before diving into the installation, assess the pillar's surface. Whether it's concrete, brick, drywall, metal stud, or wood stud, Condomounts has you covered. The versatility of our mounts allows for installation on various surfaces.

Step 2: Strapable Mount Attachment

Secure the Condomounts Strapable Mount to the pillar using the provided straps. The unique design eliminates the need for tools and drilling. Simply strap it into place, ensuring a snug fit.

Step 3: Attaching Pillar Mount Plates

Here comes the magic – attaching the two Pillar Mount Plates to the Strapable Mount. These plates serve as the foundation for your TVs. The process is straightforward and requires no technical expertise. Align the plates with precision, and secure them in place.

Step 4: TV Installation

Now, it's time to mount your TVs. Place each TV on its respective Pillar Mount Plate, following the Condomounts guidelines for a secure fit. The rotating TV mount allows for a 360° view, ensuring optimal visibility from any angle.

Step 5: Final Adjustments

Once both TVs are in place, make any necessary adjustments for the perfect alignment. Condomounts guarantees a fit that exceeds expectations, but minor tweaks may be needed for personal preferences.

Benefits of Dual TV Setup:

Enhanced Viewing Experience: Immerse yourself in a dual-screen experience, perfect for gaming, sports, or simultaneous content consumption.

Space Optimization: Mounting two TVs on one pillar frees up valuable floor space, contributing to a clean and modern aesthetic.

Easy Installation: Condomounts' no-tools, no-drilling approach ensures a hassle-free installation, even for those with limited DIY experience.

Weatherproof Design: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups, the weatherproof design ensures durability and longevity.


In conclusion, Condomounts opens the door to a new era of home entertainment with the ability to mount two TVs on a single pillar. This innovative solution combines practicality, style, and ease of installation, offering a unique and personalized viewing experience. Elevate your home entertainment setup with Condomounts and embrace the dual TV revolution.

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