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Mastering TV Mounts: A Guide to Wobble-Free Entertainment

by Shassi Kumaran 16 Nov 2023
Mastering TV Mounts: A Guide to Wobble-Free Entertainment

In the dynamic realm of home entertainment, achieving a secure and wobble-free TV setup is not just a desire but a necessity. Among the array of options available, Condomounts and Zebozap stand out as frontrunners, offering innovative solutions that go beyond conventional TV mounts. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the unique method of enhancing stability by strapping your TV using a combination of full motion mounts and pillars with one or two bungee cords.


As technology continues to redefine our homes, the importance of a stable and secure TV setup cannot be overstated. Condomounts and Zebozap have embraced this challenge, providing solutions that not only ensure stability but also introduce a level of adaptability previously unseen in the world of TV mounts.

Condomounts: Elevating Stability with Versatility

Condomounts' commitment to stability extends beyond traditional mounting solutions. The full motion mounts offered by Condomounts provide users with the flexibility to adjust their TV's position, catering to different viewing angles and room layouts. This adaptability becomes a crucial element when combining the full motion mount with a unique strapping technique.

Strapping Your TV: The Condomounts Way: Enhancing stability is a simple yet effective process with Condomounts. Begin by securing the full motion mount to the desired surface, whether it's a wall, ceiling, or pillar. Once the mount is in place, position your TV onto it, ensuring a snug fit. The real magic happens when you introduce one or two bungee cords into the equation.

Bungee Cord Technique:

Securing the TV to the Full Motion Mount:

Loop one end of the bungee cord around a secure point on the full motion mount.

Carefully pass the bungee cord around the back of the TV, ensuring it sits snugly against the mount.

Loop the other end of the bungee cord securely to the mount, creating a stable connection between the TV and the mount.

Attaching the TV to the Pillar:

Extend the bungee cord towards the pillar, creating a secure connection between the TV and the pillar.

Repeat the process if using two bungee cords for added stability.

This innovative strapping technique not only enhances the stability of your TV but also allows for a secure and wobble-free viewing experience.

Zebozap: Weatherproof Durability with Dynamic Strapping

Zebozap takes a distinctive approach to TV mounting with its strapable mounts, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The strapable mounts, when combined with the pillar and a few bungee cords, offer a unique solution that ensures your TV stays securely in place.

Strapping Your TV: The Zebozap Way: Zebozap's strapable mounts simplify the installation process, requiring no tools or drilling. To enhance stability further, incorporate the following steps:

Mounting the TV on the Strapable Mount:

Strap the TV securely onto the Zebozap strapable mount, following the simple 2-step, no-tools installation process.

Connecting to the Pillar with Bungee Cords:

Extend one or two bungee cords from the TV mount to a secure point on the pillar.
Ensure the bungee cords are tightly secured, creating a stable connection between the TV, the strapable mount, and the pillar.

    The result is a weatherproof and durable setup that not only withstands the elements but also guarantees a wobble-free viewing experience.

    Conclusion: Mastering Stability with Innovative Strapping Techniques

    In the pursuit of a wobble-free TV experience, the combination of full motion mounts, strapable mounts, and bungee cords opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you choose the versatility of Condomounts or the weatherproof durability of Zebozap, rest assured that stability is within your grasp. Elevate your TV setup with these innovative strapping techniques, ensuring a secure and enjoyable viewing experience for years to come.

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