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How to watch the SUPERBOWL final at your backyard this February?

by Shassi Kumaran 16 Jan 2024
How to watch the SUPERBOWL final at your backyard this February?

In the era of innovative home entertainment, the backyard has become an extension of our living spaces. Imagine watching the Super Bowl finals right in your backyard, surrounded by nature, friends, and family. Zebozap's ZZTVA2044 Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount is here to make that dream a reality, providing a hassle-free and secure solution for outdoor TV mounting.

Mounting the Pillar

The process of mounting the ZZTVA2044 to a pillar is remarkably simple, designed with the user in mind. With just two steps, no tools, and no drilling required, you can effortlessly transform any pillar into a TV hub. The strapable design ensures a snug fit, securing your TV in place without compromising on stability.

Secure Strapping: Begin by wrapping the durable straps around the chosen pillar. The high-quality materials guarantee a secure hold, with the flexibility to adjust according to the pillar's dimensions.

Attach TV Mount: Once the straps are securely fastened, attach the ZZTVA2044 TV mount to the straps. The robust construction of the mount ensures stability, providing a reliable foundation for your outdoor TV setup.

    Advantages of the Outdoor Pillar TV Mount:

    360° Viewing Pleasure: The ZZTVA2044 offers a full-motion design, allowing for a 360° view. Whether you're enjoying a sports event, movie night, or gaming session, every angle becomes the best seat in the house.

    Weatherproof Durability: Designed for outdoor use, this TV mount is built to withstand various weather conditions. The weatherproof construction ensures that your TV remains protected from the elements, allowing you to enjoy outdoor entertainment year-round.

    Guaranteed Fit or Money Back: Zebozap stands by the quality of its products. The ZZTVA2044 comes with a guaranteed fit or your money back, providing peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

    No-Drill Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installations. The ZZTVA2044 offers a no-drill installation process, minimizing the effort required to set up your outdoor entertainment space. Enjoy the convenience without compromising on security.


       The Zebozap ZZTVA2044 is designed to be compatible with various pillars, making it a versatile choice for different outdoor spaces. Whether you have concrete, brick, wood, or metal stud pillars, this TV mount can be securely strapped, providing a universal solution for diverse mounting surfaces.

      The ZZTVA2044 is also compatible with a wide range of TV sizes, offering flexibility in choosing the perfect display for your outdoor entertainment. Its adaptable design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of outdoor TV mounting regardless of your specific setup.


      Elevate your backyard entertainment experience with Zebozap's ZZTVA2044 Full Motion Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount. The simple yet effective installation process, coupled with the outdoor durability and compatibility, makes it a standout choice for transforming your backyard into an entertainment haven.

      Invest in quality, invest in Zebozap, and let the ZZTVA2044 be the centerpiece of your outdoor TV setup. Enjoy the Super Bowl finals, movie nights, and gaming sessions like never before – right in the comfort of your backyard. Make the most of every moment with Zebozap's outdoor pillar TV mount.

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