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How to securely strap your outdoor mounted tv for the winter?

by Shassi Kumaran 21 Dec 2023
How to securely strap your outdoor mounted tv for the winter?

As the winter chill sets in, ensuring the safety and security of your outdoor TV becomes paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of securely strapping your TV for winter using Condomounts and Zebozap strapable mounts. Winter-proofing your outdoor entertainment has never been easier!


The Importance of Winter TV Safety

Winter weather can be harsh, with snow, rain, and freezing temperatures posing potential risks to outdoor electronics. Protecting your investment in an outdoor TV is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. One effective way to achieve this is by using reliable mounting solutions like Condomounts and Zebozap.

Tools Needed:

  • Condomounts or Zebozap strapable mounts
  • Bungee cord
  • Outdoor TV

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Selecting the Right Mounts

Begin by choosing the appropriate mounts for your outdoor TV. Condomounts and Zebozap offer versatile strapable mounts designed to withstand various weather conditions. These mounts are not only durable but also feature a tool-free, no-drilling installation process.

2. Assessing Mounting Location

Before strapping your TV, evaluate the mounting location. Ensure that it provides a clear view and is well-protected from direct exposure to harsh weather elements. Condomounts and Zebozap strapable mounts are suitable for mounting on pillars, both indoors and outdoors.

3. Strapping the TV with a Bungee Cord

In your video, we demonstrated the use of a bungee cord to secure the TV to the strapable mounts effectively. Follow these steps:

  • Attach one end of the bungee cord to the TV mount.
  • Stretch the cord across the back of the TV.
  • Secure the other end to the opposite side of the TV mount.
  • Adjust tension to ensure a snug fit without compromising the TV's stability.

4. No-Tools, No-Drilling Installation

The beauty of Condomounts and Zebozap strapable mounts lies in their user-friendly installation. No need for tools or drilling; simply follow the straightforward steps for a hassle-free setup. This ensures that you can enjoy your outdoor TV without the headache of a complex installation process.

Product Descriptions:


Condomounts offer a range of TV mounts, including full-motion, tilt-only, and fixed mounts. The strapable mounts are a part of the Zebozap series, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Key features include:

  • 2 Step - No tools - No Drilling TV Installation
  • Rotating TV Mount for 360° View
  • Guaranteed fit or money back


Zebozap takes TV mounting to the next level with their innovative strapable outdoor mounts. These mounts are specifically designed for strapping TVs to pillars securely outdoors. The Zebozap strapable mounts include:

  • 2 Step - No tools - No Drilling TV Installation
  • Rotating TV Mount for 360° View
  • Guaranteed fit or money back
  • Weatherproof and strapable for versatile mounting options

Where to Find Condomounts and Zebozap Products:

Make your winter TV safety a reality by exploring Condomounts and Zebozap products. You can find these reliable mounts at the following links:

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Winter TV safety is within reach with the easy-to-use Condomounts and Zebozap strapable mounts. Securely strapping your outdoor TV ensures peace of mind, knowing that your entertainment investment is protected against the winter elements. Explore the world of hassle-free installation and durability with Condomounts and Zebozap, and enjoy uninterrupted outdoor entertainment all season long.

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