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How to Mount TV on Uneven Stone Fireplace?

by Shassi Kumaran 29 Apr 2024
How to Mount TV on Uneven Stone Fireplace?

Mounting a TV on an uneven stone fireplace can be a challenging but rewarding project, transforming your living space into a cozy entertainment hub. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to successfully mount your TV on an uneven stone surface. Additionally, we'll discuss why opting for a pillar TV mount might be a superior alternative for your TV mounting needs.

Challenges of Mounting on an Uneven Stone Fireplace

Before diving into the mounting process, it's crucial to understand the unique challenges posed by uneven stone surfaces:

  1. Surface Stability: Uneven stone surfaces can vary in texture and stability, making it difficult to achieve a level and secure mount.

  2. Limited Mounting Points: Stone surfaces often lack uniformly spaced mounting points, requiring careful planning and customization.

Step-by-Step Guide to Mounting on an Uneven Stone Fireplace

Materials Needed:

  • TV mounting bracket suitable for stone surfaces
  • Masonry anchors or screws
  • Level
  • Drill with masonry bit
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder (optional)


  1. Identify Mounting Location: Determine the ideal placement for your TV considering viewing angles and safety. Use a pencil to mark the position.

  2. Locate Studs (if applicable): Use a stud finder to identify any wooden studs behind the stone surface. Mounting into studs provides additional stability.

  3. Drill Pilot Holes: Using a masonry drill bit, carefully drill pilot holes into the stone surface at the marked locations. Ensure the holes are deep enough to accommodate anchors or screws.

  4. Install Anchors or Screws: Insert masonry anchors or screws into the pilot holes. Use a screwdriver or drill to secure them firmly into place.

  5. Attach TV Mounting Bracket: Align the TV mounting bracket with the installed anchors or screws. Secure the bracket using appropriate hardware provided with the bracket.

  6. Mount Your TV: Carefully lift and mount your TV onto the installed bracket. Double-check the security and stability of the mount.

  7. Adjust and Level: Use a level to ensure your TV is perfectly level. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve optimal viewing.

Why Choose a Pillar TV Mount?

While mounting on an uneven stone fireplace is feasible with the right tools and techniques, consider the advantages of opting for a pillar TV mount:

  • No Drilling into Structural Pillars: Avoid compromising the integrity of structural pillars by using a pillar TV mount, which straps securely around the pillar without drilling.

  • Space-Saving and Easy Cleaning: Pillar TV mounts save valuable floor space and allow for easy cleaning around the TV area.

  • Enhanced Viewing Experience: Enjoy a better viewing experience with adjustable positioning and the flexibility to rotate your TV as needed.

  • Simple Installation: The CondoMounts Full Motion Large Pillar TV Mount offers a straightforward 2-step installation process without the need for power tools, making it ideal for unconventional mounting surfaces like pillars.

CondoMounts Full Motion LARGE Pillar TV Mount

Consider the CondoMounts Full Motion LARGE Pillar TV Mount for hassle-free TV mounting on pillars. This innovative mount offers:

  • Easy Installation: Strap the mounting plate to your pillar and attach the TV mount in just two simple steps.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for various pillar shapes and sizes, accommodating TVs from 32" to 70" with a weight capacity of up to 80lbs.

  • Full Motion Capability: Enjoy 360-degree rotation around the pillar, allowing for optimal viewing angles.

  • Convenient Shopping Links: Purchase the CondoMounts Full Motion Pillar TV Mount directly from Shopify or Amazon for a seamless shopping experience.


Mounting a TV on an uneven stone fireplace requires patience and precision but can be achieved with the right tools and techniques. However, for a more straightforward and versatile mounting solution, consider exploring the benefits of a pillar TV mount like the CondoMounts Full Motion LARGE Pillar TV Mount. Enhance your viewing experience and transform your space with a stylish and functional TV mounting solution.

Explore CondoMounts' range of pillar TV mounts and discover the perfect solution for your home entertainment needs!

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