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How to mount TV on pillar?

by Shassi Kumaran 23 Apr 2024
How to mount TV on pillar?

Are you looking to mount your TV on a pillar without the hassle of drilling into your walls? We understand the challenges of traditional TV mounting methods and the desire for a clean, straightforward solution. In this guide, we'll explore how you can achieve this with CondoMounts' innovative pillar TV mount, designed to make TV installation on columns or pillars a breeze.

The Problem with Traditional TV Mounting

Mounting a TV typically involves drilling into walls or structures, which can be inconvenient and even damaging, especially when dealing with pillars or columns. Structural integrity is crucial, and drilling can compromise it. Additionally, floor space can be limited, making traditional TV stands or cabinets impractical.


Introducing CondoMounts' Pillar TV Mount

CondoMounts has developed a unique solution—a wrap-around pillar TV mount that allows you to securely install your TV on a column or pillar in minutes, without drilling or complex tools. Let's delve into why this mount is a game-changer for indoor TV setups:


1. Easy Installation

The pillar TV mount offers a straightforward two-step installation process. Simply strap the mounting plate to your pillar and attach the TV mount. No need for power tools or specialized expertise.


2. Space-Saving

Say goodbye to bulky TV stands and cabinets. Mounting your TV on a pillar frees up valuable floor space, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.


3. Enhanced Viewing Experience

Enjoy optimal TV viewing with the ability to adjust the TV's position and angle easily. Watch your favorite shows while appreciating the surrounding environment.


4. Versatile Compatibility

The mount supports TVs ranging from 32 inches to 70 inches and can fit pillar diameters from 8 inches to 50 inches. It accommodates various pillar shapes, including circular, square, rectangular, triangular, and more.


5. Full Motion Capability

 Rotate your TV 360 degrees around the pillar for the perfect viewing angle, whether in landscape or portrait mode.


6. Included Accessories

Everything you need for installation is included in the package, ensuring a hassle-free setup. The durable 4000lbs polymer straps are UV-resistant and designed for long-lasting performance.


How to Install the Pillar TV Mount
  1. Strap Mounting Plate: Secure the mounting plate to your pillar using the provided straps.

  2. Attach TV Mount: Connect the TV mount to the mounting plate and adjust the TV's position to your liking.


Why Choose CondoMounts? 

CondoMounts' pillar TV mount is ideal for various settings, including condominiums, apartments, airports, lofts, and structural pillars. It offers a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to traditional TV setups, enhancing your viewing experience without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.



  • Weight Capacity: Rated for up to 80 pounds (36kg)
  • TV Sizes: Supports TVs from 32 inches to 70 inches
  • VESA Compatibility: Fits VESA patterns from 200x200mm to 400mm x 400mm
  • Low Profile Design: Only 2.5 inches away from the pillar, extending up to 25 inches
  • Pillar Compatibility: Suitable for pillar diameters ranging from 8 inches to 50 inches
  • Adjustability: Height and position adjustable for optimal viewing angles
  • Material: High-quality polymer straps designed for durability and UV resistance



Mounting your TV on a pillar without drilling is now easier than ever with CondoMounts' innovative pillar TV mount. Experience the convenience of a clean, space-saving installation that enhances your TV viewing while preserving the integrity of your space. Discover more about this solution on CondoMounts' website or Amazon, and say goodbye to conventional TV mounting challenges. Enjoy your favorite shows with style and ease!



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