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How Easy is it to Mount a TV with CondoMounts?

by Shassi Kumaran 26 Apr 2024
How Easy is it to Mount a TV with CondoMounts?

Are you looking to mount your TV on a column or pillar but dreading the complex process? We understand the frustration of dealing with tools, drills, and complicated mounting systems. That's why CondoMounts has engineered the perfect solution with our Full Motion Large Pillar TV Mount, designed to make TV mounting as easy as ABC.

The Ultimate TV Mounting Experience

Imagine enjoying your favorite TV shows with an enhanced viewing experience, seamlessly integrated into your living space. Our pillar TV mount offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to mount your TV within minutes without the hassle of traditional methods.

Why Choose a Pillar TV Mount?

  1. No Drilling into Structural Pillars: Maintain the structural integrity of your pillars without the need for intrusive drilling.

  2. Save Space: Eliminate the need for bulky TV stands or media cabinets, reclaiming valuable floor space.

  3. Easy Cleaning: Keep your space tidy and accessible for cleaning with the TV mounted on a pillar.

  4. Enhanced Viewing: Enjoy optimized TV viewing angles and adjustability for the perfect setup.

Two-Step Installation Process

Our pillar TV mount is designed for simplicity. With just two easy steps, you can securely mount your TV:

  1. Strap Mounting Plate to Pillar
  2. Attach TV Mount

No power tools or complicated hardware required—just straightforward installation for stunning results.

Additional Benefits and Specifications

  • Multiple Mounting Options: Mount multiple screens or a cable box with ease.
  • Complete Installation Kit: Everything you need is included in the box—just add a screwdriver.
  • Suitable for Various Pillar Shapes: Circular, square, rectangular, and more.
  • Low Profile Design: Minimalistic and space-saving, extending only 2.5" from the column.
  • Weight Capacity: Supports TVs up to 80 lbs, ensuring stability and safety.
  • Full Motion: Enjoy 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing angles.
  • Height and Position Adjustment: Customize your TV's position to suit your preferences.
  • CondoMounts Strap: Durable 4000lbs polymer straps for secure mounting, with UV resistance.

Easy TV Mounting Made Possible

Whether you reside in a condominium, apartment, or loft—or manage commercial spaces like airports—our pillar TV mount is the ideal solution. Enhance your viewing experience, reclaim valuable space, and simplify your home decor with CondoMounts.

Ready to transform your TV setup? Visit our Shopify or Amazon store to discover the effortless elegance of our Full Motion Large Pillar TV Mount from CondoMounts.

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