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Can you mount your TV at the corner?

by Shassi Kumaran 06 Jan 2024
Can you mount your TV at the corner?

Have you ever gazed at the corner of your room and wondered, "Can I mount my TV there?" The answer is a resounding yes, and we're here to guide you through the diverse options available, with a special focus on Condomounts' innovative solutions.

Mounting on Different Wall Types

Cement Walls:

Cement walls are known for their robustness, providing a sturdy foundation for TV mounts. Traditional wall mounts often require drilling into cement, but Condomounts offers a game-changing alternative.

Brick Walls:

Brick walls exude a timeless charm, but their density can pose a challenge for conventional mounting. Fear not, as advancements in TV mount technology cater to brick walls, ensuring a secure and aesthetic installation.


Drywall, a common interior wall material, demands careful consideration during TV mounting. Traditional mounts may necessitate precise drilling, potentially causing damage. However, Condomounts has revolutionized the process, offering no-drill solutions for drywall installations.

You can in fact mount at the corner of all types of walls.


Exploring Corner-Specific Mounts

When it comes to corner TV mounting, there are two primary types of mounts in the market:

Two-Wall Attaching Plate Mounts:

These mounts are designed to secure your TV at the intersection of two walls, optimizing corner spaces. They provide stability and flexibility, allowing you to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Single Wall Attaching Plate Mounts:

Ideal for smaller spaces, single wall attaching plate mounts are perfect for corners where a single wall is available for attachment. Despite their compact design, they offer reliable support for your TV.

Condomounts' Unique Approach

Condomounts takes TV mounting to a whole new level with its no-drill pillar mounts. Imagine mounting your TV at the corner of your house using existing pillars – no need for tools or drilling! The Condomounts Large Pillar TV Mount - Full Motion (CLMTVA1044) is a testament to this innovative approach.

How to Mount Condomounts onto a Pillar:

Select the Right Pillar:
Choose a pillar in the corner of your house where you want to mount your TV. Ensure the pillar is sturdy and can support the weight of your TV.

Position the Mounting Straps: 
For Condomounts strapable mounts, position the mounting straps securely around the pillar. Ensure a snug fit, as this will be the anchor point for your TV.

Secure the TV Mount:

Attach the TV mount to the straps, ensuring a tight and secure connection. Condomounts' designs are user-friendly, allowing for a straightforward installation process.

Adjust for the Perfect Angle:

Whether using a traditional pillar mount or a strapable Condomounts mount, Condomounts provides flexibility in adjusting your TV to the perfect angle. Enjoy a 360° view with the Full Motion feature.

Advantages of Condomounts:

Hassle-Free Installation:

Say goodbye to complex installations. Condomounts' no-drill pillar mounts simplify the process, making it a breeze for anyone to set up their TV in the corner.


Condomounts offers versatile solutions for different wall types, ensuring compatibility with various surfaces. Whether it's cement, brick, or drywall, Condomounts has you covered.

Full Motion Flexibility:

Experience the freedom of adjusting your TV to the perfect angle. The Full Motion feature of Condomounts' pillar mount allows for a 360° view, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Strapable Mounts with Condomounts:

Looking for an unconventional approach? Condomounts, a special series by Condomounts, introduces strapable mounts. These mounts can be securely strapped to pillars both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy the flexibility of TV placement without compromising on durability.

Guaranteed Fit:

Condomounts stands by the quality of its products. The Large Pillar TV Mount comes with a guarantee of fit or your money back, providing peace of mind for your purchase.


Maximize your living space by exploring the possibilities of corner TV mounting with Condomounts. From hassle-free installations to innovative strapable mounts, Condomounts caters to diverse needs, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite content from any corner of your home.

Embrace the future of TV mounting with Condomounts – where simplicity meets innovation. Explore our range of mounts and transform your living space today. Your corner has never looked this inviting!


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But that's not all! Introducing Zebozap, our innovative strapable TV mounts that allow you to mount your TV to any pillars, indoors or outdoors. Enjoy a 360° view with the rotating mount feature.

Explore the freedom of TV mounting with Zebozap and Condomounts! For more details, check out the video on our YouTube channels.

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