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Amazon Influencer Program | Condomounts

by Shassi Kumaran 04 Jul 2024
Amazon Influencer Program | Condomounts

At Condomounts, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the TV mounting experience with our innovative and highly functional mounts. Now, we’re excited to announce our participation in the Amazon Influencer Program! We’re offering multiple rewards for influencers who review our products through engaging video content. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to share your experience with Condomounts products and earn rewards while doing so.

Why Condomounts Stands Out

We didn't just create another TV mount; we invented the CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount with meticulous dedication, thoughtful design, continuous recreation, and repeated testing. Here’s why our TV mounts are unparalleled:

  1. Feature-Rich Design: Condomounts are designed with a focus on safety, functionality, ease of use, and aesthetics. We ensure that every detail, from the materials used to the installation process, meets the highest standards.
  2. Versatility: Our mounts are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including pillars, metal studs, ceramic, and drywall. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, making them perfect for any setting.
  3. Ease of Installation: Installing a Condomounts TV mount takes less than 30 minutes. All necessary tools and materials are included, making the process straightforward even for those with minimal DIY experience.
  4. Dependability: Our mounts grip tightly to any surface wider than 3 inches, ensuring your TV is securely mounted. We prioritize safety and reliability in every product we create.
  5. Customer Focus: We’re committed to bringing happiness and the most comfortable TV viewing experience to your family. Our products are designed to be user-friendly and to enhance your home entertainment setup.

How to Participate in the Amazon Influencer Program

As a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program, you can earn rewards by creating and sharing video reviews of Condomounts products. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Purchase a Condomounts Product: Visit our Amazon store and select a Condomounts product that suits your needs. Our range includes the CondoMounts Pillar TV Mount and other mounts designed for various installation scenarios.
  2. Create a Video Review: Record a video review of the product you purchased. Share your honest experience, showcase the features, and demonstrate the installation process. Highlight what makes Condomounts stand out and how it has enhanced your TV viewing experience.
  3. Share Your Video: Upload your video to your Amazon Influencer page and other social media platforms. Tag us and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility. Make sure to include a link to the product in your video description.
  4. Earn Rewards: Once your video is live, you’ll be eligible to receive rewards from Condomounts. These rewards can range from gift cards to exclusive discounts on future purchases.

Product Features to Highlight in Your Review

When creating your video review, be sure to emphasize the following key features of Condomounts products:

  • Pillar Mounting Capability: Highlight the unique ability of our mounts to be securely installed on pillars, columns, posts, or beams. This versatility is a significant advantage for many customers.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Demonstrate how the mounts can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility for different installation needs.
  • Complete Installation Kit: Show the comprehensive kit included with each mount, which contains all necessary tools and materials for a quick and easy installation.
  • Safety and Durability: Discuss the safety features and durability of the mounts, ensuring viewers understand that they are investing in a high-quality, reliable product.

Join Us Today

We believe that our customers are our best advocates, and we’re thrilled to offer you the chance to be part of the Condomounts community through the Amazon Influencer Program. By sharing your experience, you can help others discover the benefits of our innovative TV mounts while earning rewards for yourself.

For more information about our products or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • CA Warehouse: 945 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON
  • US Warehouse: 70 Newfield Ave, Edison, NJ
  • Phone: (646) 933-5403
  • Email:

We look forward to seeing your amazing reviews and welcoming you to the Condomounts family!

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