Wall Mounting on Metal Stud Walls

Metal building materials were once found mainly in industrial settings, but residential construction has caught on to the benefits of metal. Metal studs are lighter and sometimes less expensive than wood, and they are consistently straight.

In conventional construction, hanging shelves on a wall requires finding the studs in the wall and mounting the shelf brackets to the studs with screws.

Because of the properties a metal /steel steel stud, the only way to secure something heavy is using toggle bolts. They work better and faster than any other anchor. They are also easy to install and reinstall. 

Mounting a TV on metal studs can be complicated. All the TV mounts that are available today DO NOT come with anchors for metal studs. The only TV mount that comes with metal stud anchors is the Condomounts brand. 

We've put together a step-by-step guide to help you mount your TV with metal studs and to give you the confidence that your television won't fall off the wall.


Step 1: Purchase the Correct Hardware

Get the Condomounts Metal Stud mounting kit. It comes with  One 1/2" hex shank titanium drill bit, 4pcs of ¼ -20 hollow wall toggle anchors, 4pcs of ¼-20 x 2’’ STAINLESS STEEL screws, 4pcs of ¼’’ washer, Safe multiple trips to the hardware store. The provided 1/2" drill bit is high quality M2 HSS with a pilot head can be used with any drills including impact driver because it has a hex shank. Perfect Screw length of 2" is provided catering for most wall types The depth of most metal studs for interior walls are only 2", thus any screw longer that will pose an issue. Anything longer then 2.25" will pierce through the wall. 

Step 2: Find the Studs

You’ll be able to locate your metal studs behind the drywall with a magnetic stud finder or a Zircon powered stud finder. We love the C.H Hanson magnetic stud finder.

Most metal studs are only about 1.25" wide and drilling in the exact center will be critical. The distance between studs in most constructions are 16" apart.

Run the stud finder along the wall in the approximate area where you plan to mount your television. Mark the left and right edges with a pencil in several spots along the vertical plane. See Video links for detailed instructions. 

Step 3: Drill 1/2 inch hole to insert Elephant Anchor Toggle Bolt

The condomounts kit comes with the 1/2 titanium drill bit and some of the TV mounts have drill bits as well. Please check the product specifications before purchase or buy your own drill bit.

Step 4: Insert the toggle bolt and attach the tv mount to the wall. Use 4 toggle bolts to be secure. Remember that the top holes holds most of the weight. 

You will need to install the Elephant anchor toggle vertically so that they line up with the metal studs. This will ensure that the wall bracket sits flat on the wall and doesn't rock. Insert each bolt and rotate it so the wings open vertically behind the flange.

Make sure the bracket is level, then tighten the bolts. They should be secured against the stud and the drywall.

Step 5: Attach Your TV to the Wall

Once you’ve tightened the mounting bracket securely to the wall, you can hang your TV using the manufacturer's recommended method.




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