TV mount for Yadistry Gazebo

Outdoor Entertainment in a Yardistry Gazebo

The Yadistry Wood Gazebo adds character to any area, creating the perfect setting for all your outdoor entertainment needs.

Dine al fresco, play cards, enjoy an outdoor drink, or just enjoy a quiet moment in the shade. It’s the perfect size for sheltering your outdoor furniture. Sturdy posts with classic plinths ensure the gazebo will stand tall through the outdoor elements. Stylish curved gussets add to the striking design that is also strong and durable.

TV Mounts for Yardistry Gazebo.

The Condomounts Small Column TV mount is designed to work with all Yardistry Gazebos and Yadistry Pavilion structures.

The Condomounts Gazebo TV mounting system ships with everything you need to strap a TV mount to your gazebo post without any drilling. The patented slot grip technology allows for sturdy mounting of a TV and swivel the TV to any position you like. The swivel function allows you to watch TV from anywhere in your gazebo including from outside the gazebo.