Small Column TV Mount System & Gazebo TV Mount Installation Instruction - CLMTVA1144

All you need is your TV and a Philips screwdriver to get started. The entire mounting system is provided in the package you received.

The installation preferably requires two people

There are two steps, 

Step 1

a. Hold column mounting bracket to post with pre-woven straps and tighten the ratchet buckle

Step 2. 

a. Attach swivel tv mount to column with provided nuts

b. Install vertical mounts on TV and mount TV

The Condomounts Gazebo TV Mount( Small Column TV Mount) is a perfect solution for any type of post including post of a gazebo. The Condomounts column  gazebo tv mount can be used on any shape pillar.  The CondoMounts gazebo tv mount works on triangular post, square post or even a hexagonal post. Your post  or column has to be a circumference of 12"-55" regardless of shape.