Metal Gazebo TV Mount

Can you put a TV in a gazebo?

Gazebos are a great outdoor tent that is so wonderful to have. Especially being cooped up in the house so much with work from home during coved, its nice to hang outdoor and even work from there.
Having a TV in your gazebo is awesome to have to watch have background TV noise and watch your favorite sports. 
If you decide to do so, you have to ensure that your TV has be protected from rain and is properly covered from water droplets. A TV if mounted high in your gazebo it will be protected well from rain, If you live in an area with high winds we recommend getting a cover to ensure water does not get into the ventilation holes of the TV. You will have to ensure the TV is protected from direct sunlight. 
You can take it during winter. This blog has inputs from people about mounting indoors TVs outside and seems that no one really has any problems. This is something you have to decide. The Outdoor TV manufacturers may have a different opinion. 

How To Mount a TV to Metal Gazebo without drilling?

Mounting a TV to a gazebo can be dangerous and hard if you are trying to use a wall mount that is design for walls. You will not get the right screws and hardware to attach it safe. Drilling into a metal gazebo can effect the structural integrity of the gazebo which may void your warranty of your product and in the long run be unsafe. The structural column of a gazebo can be harmed and if you have a larger gazebo, the weight of the gazebo 

The Condomounts Gazebo TV Mount(Column TV Mount) is a perfect solution for any type of gazebo. The Condomounts metal gazebo tv mount can be used on any shape pillar.  The CondoMounts gazebo tv mount works on triangular post, square post or even a hexagonal post. Your post  or column has to be a circumference of 13" or wider regardless of shape. 

The beauty of the Condomounts Gazebo TV Mount is, the patented technology allows you to mount without drilling into the column. IT comes with a pre-woven water proof polyphonic strap that is UV resistant ready to be used outside all year round. The installation would take less then 30 minutes if you are mounting it for the first time. 

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gazebo TV Mount

Does the Condomounts Gazebo TV Mount swivel to any direction?

The Condomounts Gazebo TV Mount swivel 360 degrees around the post o an direction. Designed for TV from 32" to TVs 65". This TV mount is highly flexible. 

It needs two people to install and if you want to move it to different heights it can be done anytime. There are three steps, one is to strap the mounting bracket and next putting on the tv mount and then hanging the TV. You will only require a screw driver as the mount itself has wingnuts and wrenches are provided. 


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Unboxing and mounting the Gazebo TV Mount

This video will show you how to mount the CondoMounts Gazebo TV Mount and what is inside the box. 


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