CLMTVA1044 - Condomounts Column TV Mount for columns larger than 38" circumference

Full motion column mount for TVs 32" - 65 ". Designed for circular, square & rectangular and any other shaped columns. 

The Inventors of the column mounting technology. US patent 11221102. 

CMLTVA1044 vs CLMTVA1144

CLMTVA1044 is built for large circumference pillars/columns. 


Condomounts Full Motion Column Wrap around TV Mount

UL Listed Components

No Drilling Required

Height Adjustable Anytime

Straps Paintable & UV resistant

Easiest TV Mounting method that requires no prior experience

Articulates 360 Degrees

Low Profile

Portrait or Landscape

Under 30 minutes Install

(12"-48" Diameter Pillar) Circumference - 38"-152"

A column mounting bracket, suitable for mounting an object to a column and other structures without the need of drilling. The mounting systems includes a column mounting bracket, at least one webbing strap and a tightening mechanism. The column mounting bracket configured to be selectively coupled to a specific object or assembly that needs to be mounted. The webbing straps are outfitted with fastening mechanism. The invention can be un-tied or move from one place to another without a serious effort as needed in the conventional mounting systems.


The present disclosure relates generally to a mounting system. More specifically, the invention relates to mounting systems for mounting objects to structures such as columns and pillars. The mounting systems includes a mounting bracket, at least one webbing and a fastening mechanism. The column mounting bracket is coupled to a specific object that needs to be mounted. The webbing strap is outfitted with the fastening mechanism to tighten the mounting bracket to the column. Further, the fastening mechanism is employed to take up the slack and tension the assembly to the necessary level.


Columns and pillars, widely part of an architecture is typically a structural element and should not be tampered with. The ability to mount objects onto a column, such as a television, speakers, art, light fixtures can be very challenging especially when the mounted object is heavy or large. Furthermore, columns come in so many different sizes and shapes, requiring customized size column mounts to cater for each of them. Currently, specialized custom fitting brackets and/or bands are needed to fit specific column diameters and shape. The mounting brackets and bands for large columns are large and heavy to transport and maneuver into elevators and doors.

The available mounting brackets come in multiple parts that need to be assembled and require specialized tools to install. The complexity of size, multiple parts and multiple tools leads to a complex assembly process requiring more time and labor. Moreover, mounting the brackets and object, requires one person to hold the object in place and another person to attach the object with a bracket. The process becomes very difficult when the object is heavier.

Existing inventions used metal straps and fabricated metal clamps which are heavy, inflexible and not easy to maneuver, tightening a metal strap and metal clamp without specialize tools makes the installation complicated and the product expensive.

Further, the conventional mounting devices are either permanently fixed at any place or they are mounted with so many fixing tools like screws or bolts that it is very cumbersome to remove them from one place and install it at any different location.