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Ceramic Tile Drill bit with 80lbs Anchor. Mounting Kit for mounting Without Studs on Tile/marble/granite to Mount Grab Bars, Hand Rails, Sinks, Towel hanger, Mount TV on marble, Ides:1/2" Diamond Drill Bit, 4 X 80lbs Anchors, 4 Stainless steel Screws



Tile/Marble/Granite Wall Mounting Kit

EASY to use Wall mounting solution for wall with ceramic tiles/ marble/granite when mounting on a STUD is NOT and OPTION

Included in the kit is

✔ 4 PIECES of ¼-20 TOGGLE BOLT hollow wall anchors

✔ 4 PEICES of ¼-20 x 2’’ screws

✔ ONE ½’’ Diamond Drill Bit

✔ 4 PIECES of ¼’’ washer

✔ Step by step instruction on how to drill on tiles or hard glossy surfaces.

BUY NOW and make the most of your living or working space by mounting your TV to your Marble or granite wall for convenient and comfortable viewing. Looking to mount a Grab bar, Bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories on your gorges tiled/marble wall/backsplash.This product is the right DIY kit for you.

This product can also used for mounting when a stud is not available. The provided revolutionary toggle bolts can hold upto 80lbs on 1/2" drywall.

✔They make smaller holes and are 4x faster to install then wing bolts or wing toggles.

✔Pre-installs without the bolt to make handling of fixture easier.

✔Reusable in the same hole – remove the bolt without losing the anchor.

✔New ergonomic design – fingers grip straps more naturally and more easily with no slipping Other Users of the Condomounts drywall wall and metal stud mounting kit.

These heavy duty drywall anchors are good for : -

✔ Mounting of heavy Shelves,

✔ Mounting of grab bars, sinks, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories

✔Mounting of Kitchen Cabinet when no stud is available

✔Mounting Bathroom Accessories, Mounting Mirrors

✔Wall Mounting Flat Screen TVs (LCD and Plasma) on walls

✔Wall Mounting Draperies, Curtain Rods, and Blinds

✔Mounting of Samsung No Gap Wall mount when there are no studs

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