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Cable Management Tube 3 Meters with 10 Cable Ties and 10 Tie Mounts

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ORGANIZE YOUR UGLE CABLES : It’s great for organizing and protecting power cables, entertainment system wiring, Ethernet cables, fiber optic cables, other types of cables, wire harnesses, small hoses, and tubes. Flexible and versatile, our split wire tubing can be used for general purpose applications in home, office, automotive, and industrial wiring.


GOOD PROTECTION: Protect your wires, cables, hoses, or tubes with split tubing. Once the wire protector tubing is installed, wires, cords and cable are securely held inside and protected against impact, cut, abrasion, chemicals, high temperature, and pet chewing (rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and other pets).Also keeps them from kinking and coiling


EASY INSTALL: Wire insertion is simple and fast with side-cut design. Just open it up and guide your cables through an end together or have single wires exit the bundle midway. Either way, you’ll get the job done easily in as little as minutes. For different projects, cut the wire tubing to whatever length required.


TIE MOUNTS INCLUDED : Zip tie your Conduit to any surface you like with the provided tie mounts and Zip ties.


FLAME RETARTEND & STRONG : Special Material & Uniform thickness provides better durability, resistance to corrosion, gasoline, oil, and other harmful chemicals for your cables.


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