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CondoMounts Adjustable Console Wall Mount | Install Behind TV | Cable Box | Apple TV | ROKU | Streaming Device | Rogers Ignite | Comcast | XFinity | Adjustable 1.26-in. to 1.80-in. | Mounting Hardware

  • [SECRET] REMOTE WILL STILL WORK WITH IR SIGNAL BOUNCING OFF WALLS. Enjoy your beautifully wall mounted TV without looking at a mess of wires and boxes! No need to run wires through your walls to a closet or bulky media cabinet. IR remote signals can reach your devices from behind the TV. Many new devices use RF technology not requiring line of sight. Infrared Signals remotes, Radio Frequency remotes, and Bluetooth remotes will still work with the device behind the TV
  • FITS MOST DEVICES : All generations of Apple TV, PS3, Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, Roku, Mini PC, Wireless router, Rogers/Bell Cable box, Verizon, Comcast, DirecTV, Cox
  • HIDE YOUR BULKY ELECTRONICS BEHIND TV in minutes with this Condomounts Wall Mount!
  • TAME THE CABLE MONSTER: Hide your wires and boxes to enjoy a clean, organized TV setup. Our wall mount is perfect to pair with a mounted TV - just mount the device behind your TV!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: You’ll be able to install this wall mount quickly and easily - includes dry wall screws and anchors. After installing the bracket, simply tighten the bracket until your device is secure!

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