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Adjustable Width Wall Mount for Any Device Behind TV. Width Adjustable 1.26" to 1,8" (Use for Any Cable Box & Devices) Mounting Hardware Included

This Mount allows you to wall mount any electronic device behind a TV. Easily attachable to the wall, this mount features the easiest way to have a clean and versatile setup any device behind a TV wall mount. Hide the electronics behind the wall, so all the electronics are hidden behind the wall for a clean and sleek look. The adjustable design is compatible with a wide range of media players like Roku, android boxes, cable and satellite boxes. It is perfect for Apple TV of any generation, Roku and many other popular media players. The wall mounting option frees up more space on your tabletop. Open construction provides easy access to power button, output jacks, and cables on either side. No more concern about the spilling of your media box, the elastic cord firmly holds your equipment. Designed to take good care of your media player, this is the best choice if you an universal media player mount
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