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Tilt TV Mount for Steel Stud, No Stud, Hollow Wall, Wood, Concrete, Brick, with Cord Concealing Kit- Universal Bracket for 42 to 75 Inch TV's. Includes No Stud & Steel Stud TV Mount Mounting Kit

$39.99 $129.99

TILT TV WALL MOUNT KIT - It fits most flat TV’s between 42” to 75” weighing up to 132lbs with VESA from 200 x 200mm to 400 x 400mm Screws for SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, VIZIO, INSIGNIA and for most common brands are included.

SUITABLE FOR ANY WALL – Yes, that’s right. Unlike other TV mounts on the market, our steel mount is designed for any wall including drywall with No studs, metal studs, wood stud wall, concrete walls and brick walls too. We’ve just made life so much easier.

DESIGNED FOR NO STUD or METAL/STEEL STUD WALLS – each of our TV wall mounting units come with a Drywall/Metal Stud mounting kit which includes a ½’ drill bit to drill through drywall and/or metal studs, heavy duty toggle bolts made by TOGGLER in the USA and toggle bolts screws, so you don’t have to make any late night runs to the hardware store. This kits alone is worth over $30.

RACEWAY FOR HIDING WIRES INCLUDED – Peel & stick, Easy install. Length provided to reach plug under TV. This raceway can fit upto 6 standard cables.


TVT9044 Tilt Mount

★Suitable for Most 42’’-75’’ TVs with Mounting Holes(VESA 200x200mm to 400x400mm).

★Able to Hold TV’s Weighing up to 132lbs depending on the mounting method. TVs more than 60lbs is best mounted using studs.

★Tilt +/- 15 degree, 3" Low Profile Super Slim Wall Mount Design.

 Hardware Included

For Drywall with No Studs and/or Metal Studs:

①TOGGLE BOLT Anchors (Toggle bolts)

②1/4 - 20 - Machine screws and washers for toggle bolts

③½’’ Titanium drill bit

For Wood Stud Wall:

①3/16’’ pilot hole drill bit 

②Lag bolts with matching socket nut driver

For concrete and brick wall:

①Wall plugs

②Lag bolts with matching socket nuts

Different length screws and spacers fit most TV

Cord concealing kit (Peel & stick, Easy install)

 All tools and parts included with your purchase 

Whether you choose wall or TV mounting, you will have everything you need to complete the job. The anchor included with your bracket is for concrete wall installation only and should not be used if mounting to drywall. Please refer to the instructions for clarity.

Additional accessories included

A full, detailed instruction manual is included with your purchase and to make it even easier we have placed all hardware in labelled bags, so you can identify each piece effortlessly.

BUY NOW and make the most of your living or working space by mounting your TV to the wall for convenient and comfortable viewing

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