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90lbs Elephant Anchors 50 Pieces - *NEW* Toggle Bolts for Drywall - NO STUD required - 5X Easier to use than Toggle Bolts & Molly Bolt


Elephant Anchors - Heavy Duty 90lbs Drywall Anchors for Wall & Ceiling. Replaces Wing Anchor/Molly Bolt/Butterfly Anchor.

5X Faster installation TIME, Holds 2X More than toggle bolts and molly bolts.

Cheaper then TOGGLER Snap Toggle 

The Elephant anchor provides a secure hold from within various hollow materials 3/8" to 3" thick including drywall, gypsum, sheetrock, plasterboard, wallboard, sheet rock, gypsum board, buster board, custard board, gypsum pane, MDF, plywood, fiberglass and concrete block.

The Elephant anchor can be used through a metal stud when mounting on Metal stud wall. 

The anchor channel will NOT rotate when installing the bolt, whether installing by hand or with a drill driver, and will stay in place if the bolt is removed to facilitate fixture and screw changes. 

This product can be used for mounting TV wall mounts, speakers, racks, cabinets, shelvescurtain rods, draperies, baby gate, blinds, floating shelve, clothes rack, heavy mirrors, projectors, standard & bracket, wire shelving, steel shelving, book shelves, industrial shelving, garage shelving, or closet shelving — fastening those shelves securely to the wall is absolutely critical to ensure that they do not fall down as soon as you put something on the shelf.

Technical Details

Each Anchors Tested Pull through load on 1/2" Drywall is 200lbs. Recommended Working load 50lbs. Please test use after installation. 

 The Elephant anchor accepts 1/4-20 UNC metal bolts with a minimum length equal to the thickness of the item being fastened and the thickness of the mounting material plus 1/2". Suggested length for most applications are 2"-2.5".

The anchor consists of a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated metal channel that inserts through a 1/2 drilled hole in walls, ceilings, or floors and installs against the back side of the mounting material; plastic straps attached to the channel that position it into place; and a plastic flange that slides down the straps and presses into the drilled hole firmly to lock the anchor channel in place behind the mounting material. Once the flange is set in place, the straps snap off by hand. The item being fastened affixes to the mounting material by inserting one of the included bolts through the item, into the drilled hole, and through the anchoring channel behind the material and tightening.

Please consult with an expert or professional if you are mounting anything more then 60lbs on your wall with Elephant anchors. Please consult with building owner on entire wall strength. 

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